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Inspiration for "The Bridge"

The Bridge


“The Bridge” 


In January of 2002 I had a dream that a lady came to me and told me she was OmmSety. I awoke early the next morning and tried to remember her name and what I had dreamed about but I could not! She came again the next night and this time she started showing me items that were lying on a table. OmmSety then picked up a circular disk that was intricately carved with many different reliefs. I knew the disk was very old and I asked her if I should go back to record the information on the disk, but she told me “not at this time.”


A few days later, I happened to share my dream with a new friend, who coincidentally was just given the book “In Search of OmmSety" by Jonathan Cott. Within a week I was reading the incredible story of OmmSety. This revealing book explained the story of Dorothy Eady, an English woman born in1904. Dorothy believed she was the reincarnation of a temple priestess of Isis from Abydos, Egypt and that she had a passionate love affair with Seti the first, the pharaoh of the 19th dynasty 1249-1279BC. Their love affair resulted in the death of the priestess by her own hand. Seti reappeared in Dorothy’s life in her mid-teens and the pharaoh told her he had been looking for her for centuries.


One day Wallis Budge, the great Egyptologist at the British Museum found young Dorothy in the museum during school hours and asked her why she was not in school? She told him everything she needs to know was here! Wallis Budge decided to share his knowledge of Egypt with Dorothy and taught her how to decipher hieroglyphs which she did with ease. Dorothy married an Egyptian who was studying in England and they had a child that she named Sety. In Arabic tradition she took the name OmmSety after having her first child which means, mother of Sety. She moved to Cairo and worked for the Egyptian antiquities service for 20 years drawing and cataloguing Egyptian acticfacts. Later in her life OmmSety, assisted archaeologists at Abydos in finding many buried sites based upon her memories from 3,000 years ago.


My first trip to Egypt was in May 2002, it was like a journey “back home “as I would often dream of Egypt as a little girl. I visited many of the sacred sites through-out Egypt as well as Seti’s temple in Abydos which is one of the most colourful sites dedicated to the god Osiris. Upon my return from Egypt I started a new painting; the borders came quickly in form and colour. When I started to paint the center portion, I was unable to follow the lines I had made on the canvas. This was the first time that I had ever experienced this. I tried again but the same confusion occurred and it felt like I was losing my vision. Next thing I knew my hand was making bold circles with the paint brush. I heard the words “prepare the surface” then I proceeded to quarter the circle with straight lines. Eventually there were 16 pie shaped sections within six concentric circles. I felt very unsure of my ability to reproduce what I had seen in the dream, so during the next few months the painting remained untouched. Then in early January of 2003, I traveled to the Mexico and Guatemala. It was during this trip while I was standing on top of the Yucatan pyramid that I was told to finish the painting and that it was called “the Bridge”. As I returned to the canvas I found the work to be a great challenge. Numerous layers of paint were needed to create a three dimensional effect before I could apply all the symbols I had seen in the dream. I felt overwhelmed with the concentration required to complete this intricate painting. Nevertheless, through mediation, I was guided through each step of the painting. It is my expressed hope that I have honoured the information that OmmSety shared with me in the dream.



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