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Soul Portraits

Lady of the Diamond Heart


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The idea of painting "Soul Portraits" happened a number of years ago when I was unexpectedly approached by a lady to create a personal painting. I had recently met Jane and she asked me to "just paint something for me". I really didn't know much about her so I decide that I would mediate and ask what I should paint for her. After my mediation I sat down at my painting table and started to loosely sketch an image that was coming to mind and as I did I felt this deep connection to Jane. While I was painting I started to get information and I wasn't sure what it was or who it for? I began to make notes and then I would tell Jane about information I was receiving, it turned out it was for Jane. When the painting was completed she cried when she saw it. Jane exclaimed

 it was " it's every colour I love and how did you do that".  I certainly didn't know how or why the way painting turned out as it did, but I felt like I knew Jane on a very deep level.  I told her I thought it was her...she told me "it is to beautiful to be me".
I have included the painting and the poem I received for Jane ...  "lady of light, lady of love, lady of the diamond heart "

This personal connection is how the term " Soul Portrait " came to be when I create a personal painting. A commissioned  painting from my brush is quite different than most people expect. I ask for a birthday time/ place/ day/ year to connect with their energy. Although I talk to the person about the size and whether they would like it on canvas or water colour paper, this is really the extent of the clients input in the painting. The idea and formation of the painting is conceived in my mediation and I use my intuition to create. I guess the only other thing I ask of the person is to beopen and allow the painting experience to unfold.

A painting can take from three to six months depending on the size and details that are expressed on the canvas/paper. When I am painting I often get information that I will email to the client as I paint or write it on the back of the painting. Because it is a lengthy process I do reserve the right to reprint the image to created a balance in my time especially as it always take longer than I anticipate. I feel that it is a sacred contract wrapped in trust and love that I enter in with a person and I am very honor and humbled to paint this intimate work.

Poem for Jane
Lady of Light, Lady of Love, Lady with the Diamond Heart

She drifted gently into my life
This lady of light
This lady of love
This lady with the diamond the heart
Although she sometimes struggles with her precious gifts
She has always been luminous to me
Whenever I needed a helping hand or some encouraging words
This special lady comes my way
She often called me angel but I think that’s her reflection
The things she sees in me, I surely see in her
This lady of light
This lady of love
This lady of the diamond heart



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