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Inspiration Introduction

My dyslexia has always made me uncomfortable in expressing the written word and I do not claim to know the meaning of the paintings that have found their way to the tip of my brush. Recently I have been inspired to sit down and write some of their stories. Originally I thought that I should enlist the aid of a professional writer but I soon realized that the story of the paintings creation required only my personal attention. As an artist I use many of my senses to paint but it is mostly the sense of sight or in “the looking” that propels this vision-quest forward, then a strong sense of feeling as I work with the colour and shapes that comes into the depth of the painting. The following words came to me and perhaps they can help describe some of what happens as I paint:


“All that has come to you is an opportunity to look deeper into the self ...above and beyond all the limits. When we accept there are limitless ways to express and appreciate, a deeper development into the next phase of spiritual evolution begins. Humans set many restrictive barriers for themselves and others. Doubt: being the main obstacle for the lack in this earth plane. When the soul comes into perfect alignment with its purpose...the passages of death open. This is not a physical death but a spiritual awakening for the soul. Reflections of the inner eye hold the doorway to the next step of your awakening.”


Petra, Jordan

I am never really sure of the how and why of many of the things that happen in my life but when it comes to painting I feel this deep sense of responsibility to record what I feel and see. I am reminded now of something that happened many years earlier and has been the driving force of this body of art work. One night I was awakened suddenly and had the following experience: I awoke to the sound of a heavy iron door slowly opening, I sat up and looked to the right side of my bed and saw three white gowned sentinel beings, and they made this announcement:


As written in chapter and verse “the code” has been activated. The first becomes the third, the third becomes the first…the way has been made for you to begin the work. You are about to partake a journey to

spread the messages of love and light throughout this earthly kingdom. Patterns, forms, lines, colours, and light to awaken the ancient knowledge: locked deep within the minds and hearts of all beings….messages from the ancient past.”


I hope you enjoy and feel the spirit of both these writing and of the painting themselves. I love to paint and I realize the many blessing of this passion of mine and it is a great privilege to be an artist.


With Love and Light

Patricia M. Bowers       

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