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Infinite Love - Love and Life Enraptured 

All poems and paintings by Patricia M. Bowers

Infinite Love –

By Patricia M. Bowers


On March 24, 2006, Patricia M. Bowers, international Mandala artist, officially announced the induction to publication, her first book, Infinite Love - Love and Life Enraptured.


A creation of breathtaking beauty and talent, mirroring the energy in each one of Ms. Bowers’ original works of art, this simple but stirring publication is an art connoisseur’s treasure. Beautifully assembled and presented, this book would be an appealing addition gracing any coffee table or personal library.

Infinite Love is a composition of artwork and poetry that was inspired by dreams and meditation and daily walks in nature by Ms. Bowers. The original artwork is a series of mandalas reflecting what Ms. Bowers’ terms as, “soul portraits”. The poetry seems to be music from the universe…or more eloquently put, hymns from the Divine.


For Ms. Bowers, this book is a living example of when dreams become reality. The release of this project is especially poignant for Ms. Bowers as this date is two months shy of her two year remembrance date, of her late husband Barry R. Bowers, who passed away in May of 2004. Infinite Love is a loving tribute to Barry Bowers, who initially birthed the concept to accumulate all of Ms. Bowers' work into a book of images and poetry. His initial efforts never had the opportunity to see completion as Mr. Bowers was suddenly taken ill and his health quickly declined. Mr. Bowers’ own talents are dispersed throughout the book. He was a gifted professional photographer and it was his loving eye that captured the countless images for publication.


“...Infinite Love is a book about life and all that is sacred within it. We, as individuals, must always move forward from the events that forever change us. It is about forgiveness and unconditional love. If we can find these in our hearts, we will be able to move into a state of being that is healing and pure, for love is the saving grace for each person and the whole of humanity...”

All art work in Infinite Love is copyrighted by the artist and cannot be printed or reproduced in anyway without permission from the artist.

discover the diamond with your heart

open your soul to infinte love

All art work is copyrighted by the artist and cannot be printed or reproduced in anyway without permission from the artist.


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