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Inspiration for "Temple of Healing"

Temple of Healing

“Temple of Healing” 


The beginning of the painting “Temple of Healing” was the result of a very vivid dream. I found myself standing on the edge of a cliff looking at a number of pods or cocoons that fit together. Within the cocoons where bodies which seemed to be in a catatonic state and as I looked around the forms began to multiply. I looked up and down and there appeared to be a mountains and valleys filled with these same shapes and forms. I marvelled at all the exquisite pastel colors of lavender, mint green, light blue and pale pink that surround these comfortable forms. Then all of a sudden rays of bright white light appeared, hitting and penetrating the many cocoons. The bodies in the cocoons came to life and formed many different shapes and poses. They became figures that formed letters and symbols as they moved from their place of sleep. Wondering what this was about I heard a voice that said… “You need to paint the Temple of Healing”. I asked to be shown the painting the voice told me “it is in your studio and you need to finish it”. I awoke from the dream, went into my studio and began to move a number of canvases stacked against the wall. I remembered that one day I had quickly drawn on three different canvases but never started to paint as I was busy with other work. I found the canvas which I felt was called the temple of healing and promised myself to start painting it the following day as it was two o’clock in the morning.


Over the next few weeks of working on the painting I began to become frustrated on how to introduce the bright light I had seen in my dream over the soft pastel colors. I decided to make lunch and remove myself from any proximity of the painting. I went into my bedroom and turned on the TV, there was a program on about crop circles. I was fascinated with how the crop circles were shaped and who had made them? While listening and watching the program I begin to see a similarity to the crop circles and the shapes in my paintings. Suddenly I started to feel very cold and thought a cold front must be moving through the area. I put on a warm sweater and a pair of leggings and walked to see the temperature on the thermostat. To my amazement it was reading 83 degrees and I was shaking with the cold that felt like an icy winter’s day. I returned to my studio and looked at the painting lying on my art table and said “what was this all about?” I tried to warm up but I kept shaking and remember that I had a book called “the Keys to Enoch: the book of knowledge”propped up beside my bed. It had been there for almost 5 years and I had never really understood what it was saying: I wondered if it could give me some answers. I opened the book to key 207:19th passages that explain an understanding about pictograms and ideographs that are created on the earth.


My interest in crop circles eventually lead me overseas to a crop circle convention in Glastonbury, England in the summer of 2000. While in England, I was able to see a newly formed crop circle, the sacred bowl at Chalice Well, visit Merlin’s cave in Tintagel, and had a private visit to the standing stones of Stonehenge at Amesbury and toured the Egyptian Antiquities at the British Museum in London.



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