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Inspiration for "Channeller Of Light"

Channeller Of Light


Channeller Of Light"


The idea for the painting “Channeller of Light” came during a conversation with a friend. She was reading a book that described the energy shift that can occur if you place your thoughts in two inverted triangles. As I thought about this, a vivid image came to my mind. I grabbed a piece of heavy watercolour paper and quickly drew the image. I was somewhat surprised how easily the image emerged. I started to paint “Channeller of Light “in late August of 2001 and I began to feel an intensity in this image. I would often go for a walk in the evening to relax but I would still think about the painting. On my nightly walk on September 10, 2001, I heard music and started to hum the tune, and then some words followed: “oh sweet child, oh sweet child.”


That night I had a dream of being in a farmer’s field where an airplane had crashed. As I looked around I tried to and figure out what had happened and where I was. Suddenly people begin to walk towards me and through me; this surprised me as I wondered how they could have survived the crash as there was only scattered pieces of wreckage. I awoke early on that fateful September 11 morning quite disturbed and decided to go for a run to shake the feelings of my dream. On my run I heard a voice that said “you are in the arms of god” then the music and all the words to the refrain I had heard the night before, the song was “oh sweet child”.


I returned to the house to write down the words of this song, and then received a call from a friend telling me about airplanes crashing into the towers in New York. I sat quietly and cried, knowing that everything had changed in the world and things would never be the same. I asked what I could do and heard that voice again saying, “Stay in the Light”. I looked at painting and felt the love in my heart go into to heart of the woman in the inverted triangle and her love came back to my heart in a ray of white light. Then I picked up my brush and start to paint from the right side to the left…that is when the symbols came into the bottom of the painting. I do not know what they mean, but only that I was to paint “Channeller of Light”’ its language and to write this song…


Oh sweet child, oh sweet child

Oh sweet child,  I come to thee

From a far and distant place

Oh sweet child, I come to thee

Bring forward a great knowledge

Spiralling downward from above

See the beauty of your earth

Be the grace of all it’s worth

Oh sweet child, oh sweet child

Oh sweet child, I say to you

Never far from your side

Always in your constant reach

Many face do I see

Many hearts I long to touch

Oh sweet child, oh sweet child

Oh sweet child I feel for you

In this time of pain and sorrow

All the world weeps the loss

But let the fears pass you by

Gather strength from humankind

Oh sweet child, oh sweet child

Oh sweet child, I hear your prayers

Rays of light I send to you

Wings of hope will light your skies

Let your heart guide the way

For I am here to say

Oh sweet child, oh sweet child

Oh sweet child, I’m here for thee




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