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Patricia M. Bowers was born in 1951 in Ontario, Canada and is one of  nine children from a farming family. She had not taken an art class until she applied to Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology in 1969. She was accepted into a three-year program of Arts and Interior Design and graduated with a diploma in Fine Arts in 1971. Patricia married in 1971 and worked with her late husband for 22 years in both retail and commercial business ventures putting her ART on hold. In the early 90's after a series of life challenging events and along with profound vivid dreams, Patricia was propelled to begin painting again, this time in a palette of bold primary colours.


Lava fields in Hawaii

In 1998, Patricia began to experience energy in her body and her visions intensified. As a result of these visions she began to work with the ancient art of sacred geometry called Mandalas. Patricia paints with acrylics on canvas and heavy water color paper. Her images are

Over the years Patricia started to question and seek answers about spirituality and human beliefs. This path of self and human discovery led ther to travel to Egypt, Mexico, England, Guatemala, Peru, Jordan, Ireland, South Africa, Norway, Sweden and Europe to explore ancient civilizations.


Taj Mahal, Agran India

Patricia lives with her husband, Sean, in Bradenton, Florida. 

She works from her home studio. 

freehand, loosely drawn and without the aid of templates for elements such as straight-edges and circles. She blends basic acrylic paint colors with gold and silver metallics creating a vast range of color ways that give the paintings a luminous quality. The images and symbols in the paintings are precise, complex geometric patterns. This is interesting as Patricia is dyslexic; she often struggled with all forms of academics.


Machu Piccu, Peru

Newgrange, Ireland

 Mount Sinai Penisula, Egypt

Oslo, Norway


Adam's Calendar, South Africa with Imsara

Louvre, Paris, France


Niagara Falls, Canada with Sean

Orbs in North Carolina

King's Chamber, Giza Plateau

Cape Town, South Africa with Desre

Cape Town, South Africa

Sufi Dancers in Egypt

Giza Plateau, Egypt

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