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Inspiration for "Infinite Love"

Infinite Love

"Infinite Love"


The painting “Infinite Love “was created while I was staying on the east coast of Florida. The12th story view of the Atlantic Ocean offered a vast array of blue hues as the sunlight danced on the water. This dance of light on the water opened the colour way of my artist‘s palette. I was truly not aware of the heart formations or the ball of light that occurred in the middle of the painting.


One of the greatest gifts I have received is the understanding with my work that NONE of my paintings “are mine to keep”. There is always a sense of stewardship that I must take care of my art and that I know they will eventually find a good home. Many people inquired about purchasing “Infinite Love” but I was directed to give the painting to someone, but to whom I didn’t know! My husband Barry suggested that I really should keep the painting for myself. I did question the idea of giving it away as I relied on the income for the support of my continued painting. That Christmas Barry gave me a beautiful angel even though we had both agreed not to exchange gifts. I was really quite upset with him for breaking our agreement so I went for a walk on the beach. Mumbling to myself as I walked, I thought how exquisite the golden haired angel was but that was not the point. I heard myself say out loud, now I have to get him something. A voice outside me responded, “Give him Infinite Love”, “NO way”, I echoed. “Yes, give him the painting”. I returned to the condo and grudging told him that I was to give him the painting, He was very reluctant at first, but thanked me for the gift and said he would always cherish this special painting. Barry was a gifted photographer but he could not photograph my work. There would always be some kind of problem with focus or colour of the photograph. It was very frustrating, as I believed that making prints would be a good way to get my images to more people.


All that changed a few weeks later after I hung the framed painting above Barry’s computer. He came to me one day and said he knew how to photograph and make files of my work for prints.


A few nights later in a dream I was reciting poetry to someone, I was told to wake–up and write it down as I would not remember the poem in the morning. I awoke and wrote the following: 

Love is the saving grace

It stirs the fire within

Brighter than a hundred stars

Lighter than the floating clouds

Warmer than the blazing sun

Deeper than the rolling ocean

Wider than this universe.

The truth of man is within the heart

A soul of wisdom remains untouched

Until we live a life

Discover the diamond

And the circle of the soul

Within all hearts is Infinite Love


I was also instructed to make a pendant of “Infinite Love” and attach the poem. I was told that the pendants would always support themselves as I should give some away and sell some to support the next order of pendants… this has always happened.


Barry also started to put my painting images together with the poetry I had began to write, he told me that he was going to make a book of my work. A few months later Barry became very ill and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Barry quietly made his transition on May 24, 2004, at 11:11am. The print Barry created of “Infinite Love” painting is my most popular print. “Infinite Love” has found its way too many countries throughout the world. It has adorned book-covers, cd jackets, jewellery, note cards and it is title painting on a book of my mandalas and poetry called “Infinite Love.”


The painting” Infinite Love” returned to the circle of the giver, as to my agreement that the painting was “not mine to keep”, I re-gifted it to my niece.


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